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Marketing and advertising copy — identifying your audience, defining your approach, describing your product

Grant applications — finding deep symmetry with your mission and the grantor's, compelling the reader, demonstrating value and criticality

Press releases— finding the angle and promoting your news

Jacket copy — writing persuasive, compelling descriptions

Journalism — offering solid reporting; timely stories; engaging voices

Instructional copy — writing clear and accurate how-to explanations

Non-fiction personal essays
— writing personal, in-depth analysis of topics

Fiction — writing short stories; a coming-of-age novel (work in progress)

Voice + Tone Guidelines/Style Guides— investigating the brand and making sure the voice complements it, with sets of definitive rules about how and what to write.


Developmental editing — providing a thorough analysis of any written material for structure, sense, omissions, relevance, etc.

— providing a thorough examination of any written material for style, grammar, punctuation, sense, time/place, relevance, etc.

Proofreading — providing a thorough read of any written material for style, grammar, punctuation, etc


Book representation — editing/writing proposals, identifying marketing angle, establishing relationship with editors/publishers

Publicity — creating and launching provocative media campaigns; arranging national tours and events

Editorial/Content strategy — improving business operation through better editorial effort; developing and selecting appropriate content

Brand strategy — divining who you are and what you do; providing recommendations for how to express your brand

Editorial audits — assessing the value of websites, marketing collateral, books, and editorial departments; providing recommendations for improvement

Project management — serve as liaison between client and vendor to produce websites, collateral, radio, books; establish deadlines and responsibilities


Writing workshops — providing long-term solutions for editorial challenges

Writing instruction — offering semester-long composition classes | 510.847.0570